TPD Classic

Transpalatal distractors (TPD)

TPD Classic

The Surgi-Tec TPD Classic was the original Transpalatal Distractor.

The module and plates are not attached to each other. This gives the surgeon more operating freedom.

The modules are interchangeable, making this the perfect TPD for extra-wide distraction.

The TPD Classic is available in 5 different sizes, depending on the patient’s anatomy.

Abutment Plates 03-800A

Abutment Plates

2.5 mm holes
Module 1 03-801A

TPD Classic 1

width: 15 - 22 mm
Module 2 03-802A

TPD Classic 2

width: 18 - 30 mm
Module 2.5 03-825A

TPD Classic 2.5

width: 21 - 39 mm
Module 3 03-803A

TPD Classic 3

width: 24 mm - 47 mm
Module 4 03-804A

TPD Classic 4

width: 29 - 58 mm

Screws & Instruments

insturment set surgi tec

Instrument set

Surgi-Tec can assemble a complete instrument set for you. This set will Transpalatal Distractors contain all the instruments needed for your TPD surgery.

We will provide you with a screwdriver handpiece, screwdriver insert for all Surgi-Tec screws, TPD placing forceps, TPD hinged key, TPD Dummies, 2 TPD patient keys and 3 sets of two 7 mm self-drilling screws. Everything can be placed in a ¼ DIN instrument sterilisation case. The only thing you need to order extra is the right TPD!

Surgi-Tec is a Belgian medical device manufacturer, specialised in implants for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.
In our ISO 13485 certified facility, we also provide OEM and subcontracting business.

All our products are bone-based solutions.
With bone-borne solutions forces are acting directly on the bone at the mechanically desired level.

All products have been developed in close collaboration with world authorities in the field of Orthognathic Surgery.

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