Orthodontic Bone Anchors (OBA)

Orthodontic Bone Anchors (OBA) or Orthodontic Miniplates are used as a fixed intraoral anchor for orthodontic procedures.

The use of OBAs allows more controlled tooth movement and shorter treatment times.

Bone anchors can also be used for the modification of bone growth of the maxilla and mandible. This allows for a minimally invasive treatment of class III malocclusions and eliminates the need for extraoral anchorage (headgear).

Orthodontic Bone Anchors (OBA)

OBA Surgi-Tec

The Surgi-Tec orthodontic bone anchors are designed for optimal surgical comfort and minimal discomfort for the patient.

The different models are designed to perfectly fit each individual case.

Surgi-Tec bone anchors have different hooks lengths, to bridge teeth if necessary. The anchors are available in two different neck lengths to suit the patient’s anatomy. The long necks are 8mm, while the short necks are 6.5mm.

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OBA Mommaerts

Mommaerts Orthodontic Bone Anchors have a roughened surface to promote osseointegration.

These OBA are available with attached tubes and brackets to facilitate orthodontic treatment.

All three models are suitable for both the right and left side. The neck lengths are 4.5mm, 6.5mm or 12.5mm, for the short neck, long neck and zygoma models respectively.

Set OBA instruments

Instrument set

Surgi-Tec provides sets with Surgi-Tec instruments, developed for optimal comfort during every procedure.

The Surgi-Tec self-drilling 7mm, 2.0 diameter screws for OBA are designed with a flat slotted head, avoiding dehiscence. A slotted design enables extra torque transfer and moreover, every Surgi-Tec screw has a unique internal pentagon head design for optimal grip and minimal stripping of the screwdriver. 

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Surgi-Tec is a Belgian medical device manufacturer, specialised in implants for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.
In our ISO 13485 certified facility, we also provide OEM and subcontracting business.

All our products are bone-based solutions.
With bone-borne solutions forces are acting directly on the bone at the mechanically desired level.

All products have been developed in close collaboration with world authorities in the field of Orthognathic Surgery.

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