Screws & instruments


  • Surgi-Tec produces self-tapping, self-drilling and microscrews in grade 5 titanium.
  • Unique internal pentagon self-retaining design for optimal grip and minimal stripping of the screwdriver.​​
  • Super sharp cutting threads and long cutting flutes for quick and easy insertion.
  • The undersurface of the screwhead is flat. It will not lead to cracks or local ischemia, such as tapered screws.
  • Screws for slotplates and microscrews have an external pentagon for easier removal.
  • Screws for OBA’s, are round and flat to avoid dehiscence. A slotted design enables extra torque transfer.
  • ​Available screw diameters vary from 1.2 mm up to 2.3 mm, with lengths from 5 mm up to 19 mm.

Orthofacial instruments

Prof. M. Mommaerts designed 4 orthofacial instruments in collaboration with Surgi-Tec. These instruments are made to make a surgeon's life in the OR easier!

Le Fort 1 Retractor

The anatomical shape of the retractor’s neck allows comfortable assistance in handling a mobilised maxilla in a Le Fort 1 osteotomy. A slipping retractor will not hurt the lower lip, because the tip of the hook is blunt.

Endo BSSO Retractor

Suited for the lingual and buccal tunnel of endoscopically assisted, but also open sky sagittal split procedures. Limited dissection and excellent protection of the periosteum from rotating instruments.

Periosteum Scraper

The bayonet side is designed for the lingual tunnel preparation of endoscopically assisted or open sky sagittal split procedures. The other side is meant to protect the marginal branch of the facial nerve during sliding genioplasty procedures.

Chin Retractor

​Chin segment holder and lip retraction without undue degloving. Stable and comfortable assistance during a sliding genioplasty.

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Placing instruments

Surgi-Tec supplies sets of placement instruments designed for optimal comfort during any surgery. The simple design of all our instruments minimises the number of instruments needed. Convenient and pleasant to work with. For everyone.

Surgi-Tec screwdrivers have excellent self-holding properties. Extra-hard metal ensures the exceptional durability of the inserts. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip.

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Surgi-Tec is a Belgian medical device manufacturer, specialised in implants for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.
In our ISO 13485 certified facility, we also provide OEM and subcontracting business.

All our products are bone-based solutions.
With bone-borne solutions forces are acting directly on the bone at the mechanically desired level.

All products have been developed in close collaboration with world authorities in the field of Orthognathic Surgery.

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