Surgi-Tec TMD

Transmandibular Distractors (TMD)

The Surgi-Tec was the first company to design, produce and market transmandibular distractors.

The design allows for symmetrical or asymmetrical distraction, thanks to the two Cardan screws.

The transmandibular distractor is available in a bulky (47.5° angle between chin and extension) or flat (37.5° angle between chin and extension) model.
Angled screw holes enable easy access.


Flat - Long Model

Flat – Long Model

20 mm distraction
Bulky - Long Model

Bulky – Long Model

20 mm distraction
Pediatric Long Model

Pediatric Long Model

20 mm distraction
Flat - Short Model

Flat – Short Model

12 mm distraction
Bulky - Short Model

Bulky – Short Model

12 mm distraction
Pedriatric - Short Model

Pedriatric – Short Model

12 mm distraction

Surgi-Tec is a Belgian medical device manufacturer, specialised in implants for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery.
In our ISO 13485 certified facility, we also provide OEM and subcontracting business.

All our products are bone-based solutions.
With bone-borne solutions forces are acting directly on the bone at the mechanically desired level.

All products have been developed in close collaboration with world authorities in the field of Orthognathic Surgery.

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