Osteosynthesis Slotplates (OSP)

The Surgi-Tec Osteosynthesis slotplates have an innovative slot design. This allows the surgeon to adjust the position of the plate without removing screws or drilling additional holes, making minor adjustments a snap and allowing orthognathic surgery to be performed with greater precision.

All of our osteosynthesis plates have a smaller hole or slot to allow for the placement of a micro-screw, for the fixation of bone grafts.

Surgi-Tec slotplates are used for corrective surgeries of the facial skeleton. Special designs have been designed for Le Fort I type osteotomies, chin osteotomies and zygoma-valgisation osteotomies.


Surgi-Tec OSP plates

More Osteosynthesis Slotplates (OSP)


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