•  The Surgi-Tec TPD Neo has a narrow and closed module for optimal patient comfort and hygiene.
  • The locking mechanism is a nut. No extra screws are needed to lock the module at a certain width, just tighten the nut.
  • The TPD Neo is available in 4 different sizes, depending on the patient’s anatomy.


Transpalatal distractors (TPD)


TPD NEO Module 2

width: 20 - 32 mm

TPD NEO Module 2.5

width 24 - 43 mm

TPD NEO Module 3

width: 27 - 52 mm

Scews & Instruments

TPD hinged key

TPD NEO Hinged key

Classic / AIO: 03-951A
TPD forceps

TPD NEO – Placing foreps

NEO: 03-506W
Classic / AIO: 03-906W
TPD dummies

TPD NEO dummies

Classic / AIO: 03-990S
TPD patient key

TPD NEO – Patient key

NEO: 03-750S
Classic / AIO: 03-950S
insturment set surgi tec

Instrument set

Surgi-Tec can assemble a complete instrument set for you. This set will contain all the instruments needed for your TPD surgery.

We will provide you with a screwdriver handpiece, screwdriver insert for all Surgi-Tec screws, TPD placing forceps, TPD hinged key, TPD Dummies, 2 TPD patient keys and 1 set of two 7 mm self-drilling screws. Everything can be placed in a ¼ DIN instrument sterilisation case. The only thing you need to order extra is the right TPD!

Buy a complete set and get 20% discount!

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